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Postby dcrera » Mon Oct 09, 2006 2:22 pm


Yes, I have accepted the fact I need a server running 24/7. My current desktop would become the server and my only concern is that it is a highly speced machine with a 450 watt PSU in a Cooler Master case. I need this to run lean so I am looking at my power management, putting it on standby and having some 'wake me up' tool like a wake on lan of sorts.

I am currently running the server and client on my desktop (not ideal)

The HA I am running is called Comfort Intelligent Home by Cytech.

I am using MlGenericSerial to get feed back status on all calls to my comm port. Works like a dream.

I have MCE with about 350 CD's and 50 music DVD's stored on a sata drive which I want unleash via a wireless protocol.

Any tips on keeping my server lean and mean would be appreciated.

Thanks again.

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