MusicLobby2 Beta Announcment

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MusicLobby2 Beta Announcment

Postby DavidL » Tue Feb 21, 2006 9:28 pm

We're happy to announce that MusicLobby 2.0 is now going through beta testing before public release.

This represents a drastic change to the MusicLobby product and many improvements we will post later. The transition should be seamless so don't worry about things not working...just more features.

We're excited about this release and it represents another glimpse into many of the changes users/dealers will continue to see in the coming year from everyone at Cinemar.

We are opening the door for folks to be involved with the beta testing.
Those with the below qualifications, we want to hear from YOU!

* Is very familiar with MusicLobby1 and has it working with no problems
* Has a license for J River Media Center >11.1.0 but <11.1.100
* Has a multi Zone installation or need for one
* Has a good sense of humor
* Likes to break things and tell people about it in a nice way
* Has backed up the production system
* If things aren't working the way the family expects it to, you won't get in trouble
* Provides a good description of what you were doing and what the software did
* Like contributing in the community spirit

We will only be adding a few beta testers at a time. This window will close quick.

Thanx for everyone's interest and special thanx for the current beta testers working out MLServer2 and latest MainLobby versions.

Send me your interest and forum user ID if you are interested in helping.

David (smoothtlk)

2/22/06 EDIT: Due to the overwhelming demand, we have decided to close this round of beta tester applications. We have quite a few folks that have volunteered to kick the tires and get MusicLoby2 fully tested for the rest of you. Thank you to all that have requested involvement.

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