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Chris Morton
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Music Log File

Postby Chris Morton » Mon May 16, 2005 6:09 pm

I'd like MusicLobby to keep a log file of the time, artist and track title data for each session. THe log file size threshold could be configured by the user, with older data ultimately being replaced by newer data on a FIFO basis.

I have a 27,000 track library--much of it new material I've not heard before--and would like to be able to check the log file for that really cool track, or that dud, that played at, say, 8:51 pm.

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Postby gregoryx » Mon May 16, 2005 9:42 pm

Do-able, but a bit tougher than your other question. Tracking every song that played in a text file is really easy to do.
    MLServeCmd.MLWriteFile|c:\songs.txt~APPEND~<<ARTIST>> - <<ALBUM>> - <<TRACK>>
I'd add the date and time from one of my HomeSeer variables - but there's probably a way to do that from the OS with the wscVBSBridge plugin.

Trimming to a limited length is a bit tougher. I'm not sure if any existing plugin will do it (wscVBSBridge again?); but I'll bet one of the vb gurus could whip that up in minutes... maybe just aim the "total number of lines" at a variable or something like that.

Hope that made some sense.

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