musiclobby.swf request

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musiclobby.swf request

Postby kgudge » Mon Jun 09, 2008 1:58 pm

Any chance of getting a mlcmd to execute on startup and shutdown in musiclobby.ini for jukebox mode?

Jukebox mode needs to be run full screen with no overlays, and when it exits it leaves my parent musiclobby screen without an overlay.

I have worked around this by adding a button to call jukebox mode as per Marios suggestion and have a button to reload the overlay that is under the overlay normally but this is really a kludge and inelegant, even to me, the crown prince of kludges!

It might be an idea when/if creating future swf files that button commands are either macros or re-writable in an ini so that if the swf files need to updated or mildly re-written in future releases this can be achieved.

Other than this minor gripe music lobby rocks in my opinion.

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