Remove Cinemar advert background/cover from MusicLobby.swf

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Remove Cinemar advert background/cover from MusicLobby.swf

Postby Funboy » Fri Feb 08, 2008 3:16 pm

When you start up MusicLobby.swf (using any scene), in the coverart spot, there is a MusicLobby advert that first pops up, and depending on whether you have a mlblank.jpg available or a song playing it will change over to that. If you don't have an mlblank.jpg or song playing it will remain as the advert.

The problem is, on slower clients, you can clearly see the advert when MusicLobby fires up even if you have a mlblank.jpg. I have customers for whom I have customized the mlblank.jpg for them. And so they really don't want any adverts coming up in the software at all.

Can we get this removed? Preference would be for it to come up with a blank placeholder where the coverart or mlblank.jpg would go.

- Funboy

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