MusicLobby Update Log : Latest Version 1.90

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MusicLobby Update Log : Latest Version 1.90

Postby mcascio » Thu Oct 16, 2003 2:59 pm

Release Date: 10/28/04
Version 1.90

Updates/New Features/Bug Fixes:
> ADDED: Autoconvert Images within J River Media Center to be MusicLobby JPG format compatible (Save's file to same directory as original image in Non-progressive JPG)
Supports converting progressive jpg, bmp, dib, rle, wbmp, gif, ico, jpeg, pcd, emf, wmf, png, tga, targa, tif, tiff, and pcx
Note: Images still must not be embedded within the tag
> ADDED: Limit Now Playing Entries (Configurable from MusicLobby Server Plugin within J River Media Center) - Prevents high CPU usage when adding too many songs to Now Playing.
> ADDED: Define popup display message when Now Playing Limit exceeded
> ADDED: Autoplay when entering Jukebox mode
> ADDED: Configure startcredits in jukebox mode by editing musiclobby.ini
> CHANGED: Increased Button Sizes for some views
> BUGFIX: Zone Switching now cycles up/down through zones

Upgrading from Version 1.80d Instructions:
1) Shutdown J River Media Center and install mc9setup_19.exe (install mj8setup_19.exe if still using J River Media Jukebox)
2) Extract MusicLobby.swf to your Cinemar folder overwriting the current file

Release Date: 10/16/03
Version 1.80d

Updates/New Features/Bug Fixes:
> Rewrote server to accommodate faster display/processing/searching of large collections.
> Added ability to click text in tree to expand.
> Fixed jukebox advancing past last page.
> Added banner to top of 'Now Playing' dialog
> Made valet symmetrical.
> Fixed album detail for 1 tracks. Now shows 1 track.
> Expanded album detail to 10 tracks.
> Can now toggle all setup menu options by clicking text or icon.
> Moved numerical readouts for RGB/Alpha sliders.
> Added ability to communicate with (CD CHANGER) CDJ server (requires Velocity Server).
> Music autoplays in Jukebox mode after a song selection
> Larger buttons specifically for touch screens
> Clickable, and Rollover and Press effect on song titles in Now Playing Panel
> Improved scroll bar graphics

Uprading from a prior version
> IMPORTANT: Backup the file musiclobby.ini before extracting the zip to your Cinemar folder. After extracting the zip in the step below, you can replace the musiclobby.ini file back into the folder to keep any settings you may have already set
> Extract the files to your Cinemar folder overwriting any older files
> Make sure Media Center/Media Jukebox is not running
> Install mc9setup.exe (Media Center Users) or mj8setup.exe (Media Jukebox 8 Users) from the Cinemar/j river plugins folder

Release Date: 09/05/03
Version 1.75

MusicLobby 1.75 Features/Updates/Bug Fixes

*Fixed: Zone control in single-zone installations was dropping the 'R' in 'MEDIA CENTER'
*Fixed: 'Playlist is empty' dialog in MC when appending to an empty playlist and pressing large 'Play' button.
+Added: Ability to change base view scheme by adding &baseScheme=Media Library\Audio\ to musiclobby.ini
+Added: Equalizer with zone selection and balance adjustment
+Added: Ability to set Play Behavior to plug-in
+Added: Ability to quick-jump on scroll bars by pressing empty area
+Added: Browse by cover art
+Added: Ability to hide/move transport controls
+Added: Ability to move Zone Control
+Added: Jukebox Mode
+Added: Ability to move volume control
+Added: Ability to hide/move progress indicator
*Fixed: Cover art not displaying correctly in Valet mode
*Fixed: Loop errors would cause MC to go to 100% CPU
+Added: Ability to press cover in Valet mode to change to next/previous track
+Added: Configure up to 4 Quick-Launch buttons
+Added: Options Menu to transition between screens
+Added: Jukebox background skin

Jukebox Command Codes
0000 00 Show Now Playing
8888 XX Set volume to XX
9999 00 show this dialog
9999 10 toggle play/append mode
9999 20 clear playlist
9999 30 previous zone
9999 31 next zone
9999 40 previous track
9999 49 pause
9999 50 play
9999 51 stop
9999 60 next track
9999 69 volume down
9999 70 mute
9999 71 volume up
9999 80 toggle continuous play
9999 90 shuffle playlist
9999 98 minimize mainlobby
9999 99 exit jukebox
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