Mainlobby Media Player

Discuss with other members how to distribute and setup whole house audio and video. Let everyone know what combination of products you are using to accomplish this.
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Mainlobby Media Player

Postby alangsk » Fri Dec 08, 2006 10:22 am

Has Cinemar, or anyone else for that matter, looked into creating a set top media player integrating Mainlobby/DVDLobby/MusicLobby as the interface? I know there are other media player/extenders out there, but one that integrated the ML software I think would sell like crazy. Something that would have video output to be able to play video's from the network and yet be able to control and view status of your home automation from any TV that has the box connected. Just curious if there is something like this that exists or is or has been looked into. Something around $300 - $500.



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