Anyone using Lorex

Discuss with other members how to distribute and setup whole house audio and video. Let everyone know what combination of products you are using to accomplish this.
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Anyone using Lorex

Postby scotthpdx » Mon Apr 16, 2007 10:07 pm

Is anyone using the Lorex video surveilance stuff with Main Lobby? I have sent an email off to support to find out if we can access the cameras via a web interface with main lobby and am waiting for a response. Lorex makes several CCTV applications. I purchased a 4 camera system for the home and office recently and it is pretty comprehensive in what it does. Now I just got to get it into main lobby. If you are interested in checking out Lorex, look at

The kernel they are using is OEM out of Korea from what I can tell. I found another DVR system that basically looks and feels just like the LOREX unit I purchased. Not much more info there though.

I will keep the forum updated as I progress in my project.
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