Problems changing between scenes with WebLobby windows

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Problems changing between scenes with WebLobby windows

Postby RZajcew » Sat Feb 09, 2013 2:10 pm

[Running MLServer 4 with latest updates on Windows 7]

I am having problems with WebLobby windows when I link two scenes together, where each scene has a WebLobby window. The following illustrates the problem:

I create 3 MainLobby scenes (SceneA, SceneB, SceneC). Each of these MainLobby scenes has a WebLobby window to a different site. Each of these scenes has a button which just links to the other two scenes (SceneA has a button which links to SceneB and another button which links to SceneC, and so on).

In this environment, on every second MainLobby scene display, the WebLobby window is black (or perhaps blank). For example, in the sequence:

1. Start with Scene A, WebLobby window works.
2. Go to SceneB, WebLobby window is black.
3. Go to SceneC, WebLobby window works.
4. Go to SceneA, WebLobby window is black.
5. Go to Scene B, WebLobby window works.
... and so on.

- Roman

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