Weblobby and Screen Saver

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Weblobby and Screen Saver

Postby DevenLF » Fri Jun 06, 2008 8:27 am

I'm evaluating weblobby with a new panasonic camera I just got, and it works fine.

However, when my [windows] screensaver starts up, the webpage window in mainlobby client 'strobe-flashes' through the screen saver. It's like the screensaver and the weblobby window are fighting on who gets to display.

Other parts of my mainlobby client screen flash through, too, like a large text box I created.

So, when the screensaver starts, I can still see parts of my mainlobby page flashing quickly. This only started happening after I put the weblobby window in my scene.

Not sure if it matters, but the weblobby window is displaying live video from my ip wired camera.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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Postby mcascio » Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:07 am


Welcome. Not sure there is much we can do on our end. But you could set MainLobby to go to your home page (which doesn't have the WebLobby activeX window) after X minutes of inactivity. This could be a minute less than your screensaver settings or the same. So when you screensaver turns on, MainLobby goes to your home page. This is found in your MainLobby menu bar under OPTIONS > STARTUP.
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