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Navigate to button???

Posted: Wed May 14, 2008 5:11 pm
by 19rookie83
Hey Guys,

Alright newb question here. I am trying to put together a URL bar with a go button next to it just like the example in that comes with ML. I had everything working just fine in the previous version of WebLobby, however since the upgrade to the new software it doesn't work. Neither does, so after reading the wiki and crusing the forum I am dead in the water.

Basically I have a scene setup with a webLobby window object in it, a webLobby "inputText.LocalVar" button and a go button. I know that we have to use a command like this

Code: Select all


to send the new URL that the user has typed in the URL field. Question is what is the correct MLCmd and how do you access a local MLClient variable? Accessing a MLServer client is easy with the {{variable}} syntax but what is it for MLClient? A tutorial on how to set this up would be awesome!