Issues with Uninstall information

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Issues with Uninstall information

Postby fcwilt » Mon May 04, 2009 5:13 am


The installation setups for certain Cinemar products have "incorrect" information in them.

When looking at XP's control panel "Add or Remove Programs" list there are 6 items that have only version information where the name should be.

Version 1.0.128
Version 1.0.256
Version 1.0.26

I looked into the Uninstall section of the registry and could see where the entries where "DisplayName" contained only this version text.

There is a specific entry "DisplayVersion" and version text DID appear there, which is correct.

Without the product name appearing in the "DisplayName" entry it is not clear (as you can see by the extract above) what product the add/remove item is referring to.

Also there was a good deal of inconsistency with regard to the format of the names of the Cinemar products as they appear in the add/remove list. For example, sometimes Cinemar appeared in the name, sometimes not.

I would suggest that you settle on a standard format for the "DisplayName" entries and use it for all Cinemar products.

And be sure the product name appears somewhere in the "DisplayName" entry.
Regards, Frederick C. Wilt

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