DVDlobby, happy holidays screens blank??

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DVDlobby, happy holidays screens blank??

Postby Art Dustman » Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:05 pm

I finally got everything up and running and when I try to load a few scenes (dvdlobby, happy holidays, etc) there is nothing there. I loaded it before and it worked, but after registering and adding some caller id info, they will not work. I have used the flash unistaller and re-installed exactly as described, but no help (at least 15 times). The 019 scene seems to work, but there are no horoscope pictures, otherwise it seems to function. I have re-installed dvdlobby and mainlobby several times without success. I noticed my mlserver said it was a trial, but it registered fine. Any other ideas? :(

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Postby mcascio » Mon Nov 12, 2007 3:26 pm

Sounds like a Content Folder issue or just where your files are located.

By default, your Content folder is pointing to your 0019\1024x768 folder and not the Examples folder where happyholidays.mls is stored.

If you want to continue using your 0019 scenes, simply move the happy holidays.mls file into your 1024x768 folder along with your BackgroundFX folder that is found in your Cinemar\Content\Examples folder.

To help make sense of it.

MainLobby is looking for the Content Folder + the relative location of the BackgroundFX file:

So: C:\Program Files\Cinemar\Content\0019\1024x768\BackgroundFX\fxlayer_happyholidays.swf

Which doesn't exist.

This is one of the trade offs of moving all the 0019 and every scene into categorized folders. While its easy to maintain, you can't just load any scene and expect it to find the files unless every scene is in the same folder.
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