Possible Solution to Disconnecting Wireless Clients

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Possible Solution to Disconnecting Wireless Clients

Postby mcascio » Wed Feb 22, 2006 4:13 pm

Per another post:
http://www.cinemaronlineforums.com/foru ... &start=150

Well, I think I may finally have fixed the problem. I noticed that both tablet pc's would start off at 54Mbps when connected to the network but then rapidly drop through 48, 36, etc down to 1 Mbps. This was reproducible and occured when my laptop would be showing 54 Mbps.

A 'net search found this discussion showing other people had the same problem and a suggested solution
http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthr ... 402&page=3

I removed the 9.1 Intel Proset software and installed the 8.1. Both tablets now maintain a 54 Mbps connection and both have gone over 24 hours without ML "disconnecting". Appears to be another case of an "upgrade" which isn't! BTW, only one of the two tablets has had Flash upgraded to 8.

Apparently the 9.1 software indicates that you can turn off power reduction but you really can't. The problem appears to be particularly acute with Linksys WAP54G routers.

I don't know how many other tablets use the Intel Proset Software but I'm posting this in case it may help someone else.
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