Cinemar Software Installation (for Newbies)

In this forum you can share tips and tricks on how to use Cinemar products with some program or a task that you want it to do. So no one has to reinvent the wheel if you already did! (No questions in this forum only solutions, questions will be deleted without hesitation.)

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Cinemar Software Installation (for Newbies)

Postby cairndhu1998 » Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:55 am

By default, MainLobby wants to install all software in folders C:\Program Files\Cinemar\ or C:\Program Files\MLServer\. For backup (and for recovery from foolish errors which Newbies make all too frequently), I use Norton Ghost to image the (very large) C:\ partition as well as any smaller partitions. As a Newbie having to start over frequently, using the C:\ system drive for everything was very inconvenient. I kept making fatal errors and had to recover by the time consuming process of reloading the C:\ partition. In spite of all the advisories to the contrary (and all the installation defaults to C:\) my solution was to create a separate (and very much smaller) partition, e.g., E:\ using e.g., Norton Partition Magic, and install Cinemar application programs in the E:\Cinemar\ and E:\MLServer\ Folders. I also installed StarGate in E:\StarGate, HomeSeer in E:\HomeSeer, and UPStart in E:\UPB so that all my home automation applications, system support applications (e.g., Serial Splitter), data bases, and the like now reside in a small, quick to Ghost partition. I then Ghost the E:\ partition every time I make more than minor changes. Believe me, it’s a lot easier to just restore an image from Ghost’s E:\ files than to troubleshoot a tangled web of missteps.
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