[Feature Request] Password by rating

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[Feature Request] Password by rating

Postby Jim HTPC » Mon Oct 09, 2006 11:47 am

Please consider adding the following feature.

Setting different passwords to access different levels of movies.

Define if a passcode is needed to see G, PG, PG-13, NC-17, R, X in the MLServer.

Example MLServer Variable: DVD_Rating_R = 1 or 0
*1 = ask/check if entered passcode, 0 = do not check show always

Example: Lets say you want a passcode to be entered for all ratings above G.

MLServer variables set for above condition:

Code: Select all

DVD_Rating_G = 0
DVD_Rating_PG = 1
DVD_Rating_PG13 = 1
DVD_Rating_NC17 = 1
DVD_Rating_R = 1
DVD_Rating_X = 1
DVD_Passcode_G = 0000
DVD_Passcode_PG = 1111
DVD_Passcode_PG13 = 2222
DVD_Passcode_NC17 = 3333
DVD_Passcode_R = 4444
DVD_Passcode_X = 5555

Rated G: Always see (not flagged in MLServer)
Rated PG: ask for passcode (IE: 1111) to see PG and below
Rated PG-13: ask for passcode (IE: 2222) to see PG-13 and below
Rated NC-17: ask for passcode (IE: 3333) to see NC-17 and below
Rated R: ask for passcode (IE: 4444) to see R and below
Rated X: ask for passcode (IE: 5555) to see X and below

This would allow your youngest child to not enter a code to watch G rated movies... at the same time not allowing the same child to not see cover art/movies that are above the specified rating. As your child/children get older they could have passcodes to unlock certain movies based on the partents guidelines.

Also could be used to hide the PR0N collection too.

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Postby gregoryx » Mon Oct 09, 2006 12:53 pm

I like the idea.

I'd settle for a way to filter by "tag" or something like that - even without passwords.

IOW, be able to send a search / filter command to display "where rating = G or PG or PG-13" or "where rating = PG or R" or whatever combination we'd like.

I've been wishing for this sort of "regular expression filter" model every time I go to look for a movie. Search seems worthless to me since it's bound to find the word I search for - or actor or whatever - in so many movies as to make it worthless. Whereas if I could build a custom expression I can do cross-sets of anything I want. This would make searching through movies MUCH more rewarding.

The best search method I have today is using the "reports" that I've built in MS Access which sort and filter by these sort of criterium. :P

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