Forum is not remembering my userid for login

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Forum is not remembering my userid for login

Postby Wysocki » Tue Mar 28, 2006 12:48 pm

Lately I'm having to manually log in to the forum a lot. I turn my computer off each day and using Firefox 1.5. I always check the box that says "remember me" but I occasionally have to fill in the info manually.

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Postby Ripper » Tue Mar 28, 2006 3:15 pm

Perhaps when the forum was moved the configuration in the admin panel for the domain cookie was not changed

# I (or my users) cannot stay logged in to the forum!

If you (or your users) are, after attempting a login, being returned to the index (or other page) without appearing to be logged in the most likely problem is incorrect cookie settings. phpBB 2 uses cookies to store a session id and a small amount of user data. For this data to be stored correctly the cookie domain, path and secure settings must be correct. You can check this in Admin->General Configuration->Cookie settings. Typically the cookie domain can be left blank and the cookie path set to / (a single forward slash). Do not set the cookie as being secure unless your board is running over a secure sockets layer connection, ie. https://

If you still have problems try setting the cookie domain to your full domain name, eg. www.mysystem.tld, www.something.mydomain.tld. You must ensure the domain name contains at least two dots or browsers will be unlikely to recognise the cookie, eg., Do not add http:// or anything else to the domain name!
# My users are complaining about being logged out too quickly!

You can increase the default length of sessions (ie. how long before a users session is considered 'dead') in Admin->General->Configuration->Cookie Settings->Session Length. Set it to whatever value your users feel comfortable with, remember that security issues may affect your decision (ie. having too long a session may allow non-users to abuse your board should a user forget to logout or otherwise leave a current session on a public workstation).

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