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How to get Help

Postby DavidL » Sun Mar 18, 2007 4:41 pm

The forum is the best place to get help on the MainLobby Suite of products. Here are some tips:

Before you post an issue, make sure your MainLobby system is using the latest available updates. The great majority of updates are available by launching MLServer3 and clicking Help / Additional Software Downloads. Since Cinemar improves it's products incrementally, issues with earlier versions may already be fixed in the latest. Also, the improvements are made ontop of the one prior release. This is the NUMBER ONE resolution to most problems.

Create a forum ID and use that as you won't be able to download any files or see any images if you aren't logged in.

Once you are logged in, use SEARCH as search IS your Friend. Most answers already have been posted for most issues.

If you have a problem, the number one solution is to upgrade to the latest version of software. The MainLobby Client and MLServer 3 should be upgraded to each respective latest as often the updates need to work together.

When posting, always provide your version of the Client, the Server and the Plugin that you are speaking of. This will usually save another post asking for that information (and the delay in getting you an answer).

You get the version of the plugin by looking in the MLServer Plugins window for the installed version. You can also right click on the pluginname.dll in the Plugins directory and look for the file version number.

DVDLobby, MusicLobby, XMLobby and other flash user interfaces have an interface version as well. Often it is helpful to post that file version too, if it is pertinent to the issue.

Please only post your issue once in one section of the forum. Many of us read these forums constantly and multiple same posts hides the new posts in the "noise".

Remember that you are posting and asking for help from someone who is NOT tracking your issue across many other posts / forums. Be complete in the description of the issue if it isn't stated directly above the current post.

For difficult to resolve issues, once in a while, it is helpful if an expert (Cinemar or other) can connect to your system to look first hand. Cinemar uses as a nice way to do that. Always keep in mind that there are potential security issues when doing this so be in attendance and selective when allowing this. It can save many days of frustration to get to root cause as you might not be reporting the tidbit that is the clue to root cause that might be easily observable.

Once you get the hang of things, please help others in the same way they helped you so the Cinemar community continues to flourish!

And, as always, be Nice! (As GregoryX just pointed out :) )
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Postby gregoryx » Mon Mar 19, 2007 10:05 pm

... and always be nice. 8)

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