Am I crazy? Looking for suggestions....

No matter how large or how small, the area of Home Theater is what we all have in common. So...Let others know your configuration. List your components first and then if you care to, a small history. Be sure to come back and keep it updated!
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Am I crazy? Looking for suggestions....

Postby atlreguy » Thu Jul 06, 2006 9:34 pm

I am planning on order the following:

1 x VideoStorm -- Not sure which one:

I will be distributing HD (via component) -- currently DCT3412 (Moto HD DVR for Cable) and a Sony 777 for DVD viewing to:

1. Main TV (42" Philips Plasma) Over the fireplace -- Looking for suggestions on a good 50"

2. Master Bedroom (32" LCD)

All other TV's in the house I would like to modulate these signals over 2 cable channels (as the other TV's are not HD and will also have direct tuners)

3. Masterbath 15" LCD Wallmounted

4. Office 20" LCD

5. Kitchen 15" LCD Wallmounted (need to get)

I also have 6 camera's feeding to a ISIS 16 Port DVR card (coming in this week) on one computer it has 1 comp. out that I am going to feed to all the TV's in the house also (not sure if I should do so by creating another channel or just simply set it up as another input on each TV) This card also has a web server built in (I would like to figure out how to port that into ML or WebLobby).

Mid Atlantic rack:
6FT Slim Rack for wiring closet to house all of my gear.

I currently have 2 RG6 and 2 CAT 5E runs to each TV in the house. I am planning on feeding the HD signals over one of the CAT 5E runs to Main and MB TV's with Muxlabs Comp + Audio Balun -- link ... balun.html

1 - Main TV for TV, Amp control.
1 - Master Bedroom for TV, A/V System (Panasonic Mini system)
1 - Wiring Closet for HD Dist, Sony 777 (??) any other IR device

Other suggestions for whole house IR Dist?


Wiring Closet

AMD 2400 2Ghz, Windows XP Pro, 512MB, 80GB, 200GB, DVD Burner -- DVR for Camera's
(already have it)

AMD or Intel, Windows XP Pro, 1GB Ram, 2x250GB HD Raid 1, DVD, CDRW, 4 Serial Ports Minimum, 4 USB ports Minimum, for ML, DVD Lobby, Lighting/Security/HVAC control.
(don't have it yet... Looking for suggestions)

NAS -- Looking at Infrant NAS with either 4x300GB or 4x500GB for DVD / Music / File Storage

4 Port KVM for the Rack (Suggestions?)

8 - 15" Touchscreen for control in Rack (Suggestions?)

Dell SFF, P4 2.4Ghz, 512MB, 20GB - J River Music server for output to Main A/V and for Web surfing on a bigger screen.

Dell SFF, P4 2.4Ghz, 512MB, 20GB - Master Bedroom closet to feed a 8.4 - 10" Touchscreen (suggestions) for nightstand (overall home control ML, Cameras, security, etc.)

Viewsonic Airpanel V150P -- Main A/V Control (got it this week)

Looking for 1 more Touchscreen (wireless 8.4")

Several UPS's

Security (Currently in place)

HAI Omni Pro - w/X10 Interface for lighting control
Looking to interface this to ML???? HomeSeer or wait for ML plug-in?


All Insteon switches running X10 currently -- Insteon PLC coming tomorrow and going to start playing with the Insteon Plug in for ML.
Looking for a good way to set up scenes for Insteon also...

Outdoor Motion -- looking for something better then x10 Motion detectors to activate scenes or turn on lighting. They don't seem to work well.


3 Zones -- Probably going to get HAI Omnistat? Suggestions??? I want to control with ML and setup events...


Looking for something to interface with Doorbell to bring up front door cam. I don't want to install one of those all in one things. I already have a good quality camera at the front.

Audio Dist.

Looking at Russound ??
Kitchen (suggestions on speakers?)
Master Bath (suggestions on speakers?)
Outdoor areas (speakers already in place)



What have I forgotten?

Any input is greatly appreciated. I am looking to automated almost anything I can and make a user interface that your mother could use.



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