OK here goes

No matter how large or how small, the area of Home Theater is what we all have in common. So...Let others know your configuration. List your components first and then if you care to, a small history. Be sure to come back and keep it updated!
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OK here goes

Postby perrin21 » Wed Feb 05, 2003 5:35 am

Hi all i am using the following components in my home theatre.


3 X Myryad MA240 Power amplifiers. I listened to many amps and these were the best value £-sound

Sony DVPS7700 DVD player

Sony SCD777ES SACD player (truly the finest example of build and sound quality at reasonable cost)

Thomson PVR10 TIVO anyone considering a VCR upgrade should have one of these (FANTASTIC)

Panasonic sky digital box

Panasonic NVHS900 SVHS VCR great video recorder but let down by expensive SVHS tapes

Panasonic TH42PW4 plasma, Probably the best plasma tv ever.

B&W CDM7SE front main speakers, very careful positioning required as bass can be heavy

B&W CDM1SE rear speakers, great sounding rears (Stands are Apollo AZ5 20inch filled)

2X B&W CDMCSE front/rear centre speakers, for the price great sounding
B&W ASW1000 Subwoofer, bit large but sound-£ great value (Upgrade to ASW2500 soon)

All speaker cables QED silver Anniversary Bi wire (Cable of the year, brightens up the B&W's)

All Scart cables IXOS GOLD

All Interconnects QED Qunex 4 (couldn't hear any difference between this and Silver anniversary)

Main Hi Fi rack, Custom design Aspect 6 tier (looks and sounds great)

TV rack, Custom design Ultimate AVE2 (Looks and sounds great)

1.4GHZ Athlon 512MB Ram 120GB Hard drive blah blah

1X Sonicblue progear 5GB windows 98SE radmin remote software (demo version, anybody with an unlock code please email me thx)

Running mainlobby
Windows XP Pro
loads of other stuff unreleated to this

You can see my system and read some info on my theatre at www.geocities.com/perrin21uk i have not updated the site in over a year though so please ignore the lack of up to date pictures.

TV has now been replaced with plasma, Motorised sat system sold, ondigital scrapped. Replaced with Sky box.


MArk Perrin

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Postby perrin21 » Sat Feb 08, 2003 5:17 pm

Anyone interested i have posted some new pics on my website just to bring it up to date.

if you want to see what it all looks like and how understanding my lovely partner is about me transforming the lounge.

please check it out.


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