Where to start?

No matter how large or how small, the area of Home Theater is what we all have in common. So...Let others know your configuration. List your components first and then if you care to, a small history. Be sure to come back and keep it updated!
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Where to start?

Postby gordonp » Sat Oct 30, 2004 1:24 pm

For the past year or so I have been tinkering with home automation and thinking about whole house audio/video. Every time I get my self psyched up to start, I end up confused by the wealth of information and the variety of opinions and suggestions. I hope a short description of where I am and where I want to get to would result in useful direction from the guru's.

Currently, my a/v components are modest. I have a samsung HDTV capable TV, Tivo Series 1, a basic Sony DVD player, a vcr and an old CD changer. The one quality component is an Integra DTR-7.3 A/V Receiver. The extent of any whole house distribution is the use of Avcaster/Mediacaster to send the Tivo from the living room to the Master Bedroom.

Where I want to go:
- Build HTPC primarily for storing/serving DVD's. Hopefully this will end the destruction of DVD's by little fingers ( a 2 year-old and a 5-year old who like to play with DVD's!).
- Streaming of CD's to replace current CD player. Most of my CD's are current ripped and stored on an external 250Gb drive connected to my office PC. Was considering purchasing a Slim Devices Squeezebox for streaming from the office PC to the stereo in the living room, but this could be negated by the HTPC.
- Considering replacing Tivo with PVR functions in the HTPC
- Maintain ability to view feed from either Tivo or PVR in the master bedroom
- Add additional music zones. Have consider using A-Bus technology but have not definitely decided on anything.
- Provide control of all through MainLobby, including control of home Automation (Currently using HAL although have recently thought of switching to homeseer because of the maturity of the homeseer plugin for ML).

The work involved (building the HTPC, running the necessary wiring to support it all, etc.) does not worry me. I just seem to get stymied on where to start and what pieces I need.



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Postby gregoryx » Sat Oct 30, 2004 3:04 pm

Moderators: I think we really need a "where to start" section.

This question has been asked and answered (almost the same every time) quite a few times, but it's very difficult to find those threads on the forum. If we can create a section and search for the old threads and move them, that might help. I'll be happy to help search for the threads and move them, but answering the same exact question - even with links to old answers - is not so productive in the long term.

gordonp, I can't tell you exactly what to search for... but I came up with these just searching for "start" and looking at the titles - some I even recall / recognize:

Need Some Advice, Will This Even Work?

An Ambitious Plan?

Loads of newbie questions

Newbie Help Needed

There are probably many others that would be valid and helpful as well.


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