Setup - "Tweaking Order"

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Setup - "Tweaking Order"

Postby jglitch » Thu Jul 08, 2004 10:52 am

Well Ive built my own pc's for a long time, but never for gaming or HTPC.

I've received almost all the parts for the new HTPC and am ready to start assembly.

To save wall/head banging, is there an order to driver/application/tweaking order I should follow to :

Setup htpc with pc monitor or hdtv? (no dual monitor)

Formatting and loading for scatch.

Windows "lite" (Help!, what to load/unload, XP Pro, Load Office?), will need browsing and email.

New Hardware as far as driver/sftw/tweaking is concerned:
(any "included" with hardware software, I shouldn't load?).

HT400 w/NEC 2500 DVD, VFD & IMon Remote and sftw
ATI 9800 Pro AIW & Remote (DVI to HDTV DVI)
myHD 120 & Remote (VGA to HDTV RGBHV) (or should I get daughter card and do myHD DVI and radeon component? (Already have myHD RGBHV cable)
WinTV250 (or 350 thru myHD for scaling) (waiting for, Sage or BTV?)

Existing Hardware Re-using:

MB SPDIF out (Load MB Audio sftw or just drivers?)
Audigy NZ (Getting 410, if not happy)
P4 3.0 (Hyperthreading, enable?)
MSI 875 NEO (onbroad Dig Audio-LAN)
!GB (Corsair, dual)
Maxtor 120 GB SATA (2 ea)
Gyro Ms-Kybrd
XM Receiver
7.1 A/V receiver w/digital coax & Toslink

STB's I may hookup, havent decided:

XBox/"HD"-DVD (DVI) for spare/DVD-A player

New Misc. Hardware:

PS/Case Fan Vibration Kits/Silverstone 400/Zalman VGA Heatpipe & Fan/Zalman 7000 cpu fan-hs/NB HS/6" DVD IDE round cable/USB 2.0 powered hub/blah, blah, blah

Software (Have, plan to load)

XP Pro (or Home)-(Lite?)
XP Office (?)
Frontend: Mainlobby Suite & MC10
Theatertek (2.0 whenever)
Powerstrip (Still need with new CAT drivers?)
Girder (or Mainlobby UBURT plugin?)

And ?

Sage or BTV (havent decided yet)
LCDMaster & SpyDVD (or other?)

Any other sftw i need/want/should get?


Music CDs on HD (80 GB)
All DVD's on Server Harddrives (eventually).

Which Remote? Or another, someday a touchscreen tablet

Thanks for any help and/or opinions in advance!


PS: Any big deal to mod power supply wires to length? Change connectors(color)? No experience with electronics (ie: modding)

Thanks Again

To think someday I'll be able to answer ML questions, not just ask them!

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