My Living Room system . . there are more but this is my baby

No matter how large or how small, the area of Home Theater is what we all have in common. So...Let others know your configuration. List your components first and then if you care to, a small history. Be sure to come back and keep it updated!
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My Living Room system . . there are more but this is my baby

Postby MonsterHTPC » Thu Apr 01, 2004 10:49 am

Still adding/upgrading/tweaking but that never ends. :twisted: Its pretty much basic, didn't want to get all techy on it as it would confuse the other users in the house too much :) hehehehe.

Current setup is:

Proc: P4 2.6 Ghz 800 Mhz FSB cooled with a swiftech MCX478-V and 92mm Vantec stealth case fan.

Mem: Kingston PC3200 1GB Kit (2x512)

Mobo: Asus PVC800 Deluxe Motherboard

Vid: Radeon AIW 9800 Pro

Tuner/capture Hauppauge PVR 250

Sound M-Audio revolution 7.1

Case: Kanam HT-200 Black. Modified with 2 60mm intake fans in bottom front, modified to fit a Matrix Orbital 4x20 VFD.

Hard Drives: C:(Programs) 80 Gig WD IDE, M:(Storage) 2x WD SATA 250 Gig HD's raided.

Other Phillips Pronto Pro TSU6000, USB-UIRT, Saitek Wireless game pad.

Software Win Xp Pro, TheaterTek with ffdshow filters, Beyond TV, LCDC, Girder, Gordian Knot, and more.
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