future server release

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future server release

Postby donburkard » Mon May 31, 2010 7:19 pm

Hi guys,
This may or may not be as simple as i think but in the next release of the server would it be possible to add macro commands to the list under the view tab? Here's why. up until a few days ago i had no idea it existed. I have been so hesitant to mess with any of the hard buttons on the toolbar for fear of severely messing something up that i have completely overlooked this feature entirely. As you can tell i am no developer and i think a simple thing like that may help the newcomers to ml who aren't programmers like myself get a better feel for what they are doing. I know from experience that in the beginning just being able to switch to the "important" boxes in the view drop down helped me to get a feel for the way it worked and how everything flows. Just a suggestion. Thanks
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