IR Control Integration

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IR Control Integration

Postby T.Wells » Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:00 pm

I know that this has been brought up before, but I am very (still) interested in seeing true integration of a remote control interface on MainLobby. While strength of ML is that you are not tied to a single product for your interface, I think that this fact also may inhibit the growth of the product. I make the later statement because so many people so many different interfaces, I believe that it limits ability of users to share scenes and images as every device is very unique. IMO, changing the interface to the TV (16:9) and an IR/RF remote may simply many aspects of the base product.

As we continue to see home automation enter into the mainstream population, having the ability to control ML through the television to me seems like a very logical progression. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the touch screens in the house and I am looking forward to trying something with my iPhone as well. However, I always have the TV on in the house and having the ability to use items such as DVDLobby and MusicLobby right on the display seems all too convenient. In fact, I do this now but just have to have use the wireless mouse kept near my sofa to enjoy using ML on the TV. My guests are always much more impressed by this as opposed to the tabletPCs or wall-mounted touch screens. I believe that this is because it gives them a sense that, “I can have that too.”

Would it be a massive change of code and/or architecture to allow selected ‘buttons’ or ‘images’ to be navigated via a hand-held remote control (via USBIR6 interface)? I thought that one could tag the ‘button’ or ‘image’ as remote activated and use the arrow keys on the remote to move/cycle through the tagged ‘buttons’ on each page.

I am sure that I am over simplifying the changes and effort that Cinemar would require to make the above scenario ring true but I wanted to through it out there that I believe that the effort would be well worth the reward.

I recall the thread where DVDL was being used on a 10-foot wide screen as I may have responded in that thread that I was interest in joining the party. However, I never invested the time to code my pages as I continue to re-organize and re-do my scenes and continue to hold out hope that this feature type of feature would be offered in the standard package.


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Re: IR Control Integration

Postby mcascio » Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:12 pm

T. Wells,

There also is a program for the iPhone/iPod Touch called Air Mouse - this allows you to use your iPhone screen as a mouse cursor pad. This allows you to use any existing MainLobby interface rather easily.
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