Internet Radio Images - can't get it working

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Re: Internet Radio Images - can't get it working

Postby bpet » Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:33 pm

I had already made the work around; however, it will work nicely with the updated version that fixes the problem, just not as I initially intended. :)

With the updated InternetRadio App, the manually entered Station Logos will appear as intended...but by keeping my additional image files over them, I can find a station logo online for any 'non manually' entered station, re-size it to 102 x 45, save it to my images directory and then I will have Station Logos for any of my favorites where the Internet Radio Station is not sending the station logo file data...and since the variable in the label field checks to see if there is anything in the 'logo' field, it only shows my station logo if that station has no logo data...the only glitch may be when we refresh the station list, if that changes the station IDs?

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