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Postby tntwebguy » Thu Jan 21, 2010 9:13 am

Newbie question again....
I want to share that I am almost setup thanks to all your help...You guys have to imagine how hard this is for me to configure(with the wife and newborn)....I have not mounted the touch screen yet...My plan is to have all the components, Weather, Music, Photos, Movies etc running flawlessly..before I "Cut an irreversible hole" in the wall(according to the wife)...I know I know..

She has never seen Mainlobby...never seen how it works, how it looks...All she knows it that I want to put a touchscreen in to control a computer..She will be impressed...What I want to do is mount it like a picture frame on the wall running a screensaver of photos....(I will post the whole project when done...)

WHat I need help with is...I am confused on how to get photolobby to be the screensaver for ml

I want to go into screensaver mode pulling photos from a specified folder..not the entire library

I also would like to have a "Dim" effect over the photo( I guess with a layer) so the touchscreen on the wall is not too bright..with the back light

How would I set that up?



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