playmovie command wont work - resolved

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playmovie command wont work - resolved

Postby Andyt » Wed May 05, 2010 3:38 pm


My dvd play command is Macro|SetVariable|media_{{clientname}}_transport_source~TheaterTek!MLDVDLobby|MakeSource~{{media_{{clientname}}_transport_source}}!AV.{{media_{{clientname}}_activezone}}|PlayFile~<<file>>

but when I use the iphone movie html page, the play movie doesnt work because I think the clientname isn't resolved through the iphone html pages. Will I have to change the way I'm doing the variables in the play movie command and buld some clever stuff in the html to set the right variables and also edit my cyclestates for movie_zones? I'll have to set the clientname somehow?

Am I missing something simple?

or is it that I just need to set variables for the odd looking w192.168.1... Etc



edit - I fixed it by editing the index.html and adding a line to force the movie location to 'Livingrom' like so:
<li><a mlcmd="Macro|SetVariable|media_{{clientname}}_activeplayer~1!SetVariable|media_{{clientname}}_activezone~Livingroom" href="Index.html">set dvd LR</a></li>

Now if only I could work out how to use cyclestates in html to force it that way...

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Re: playmovie command wont work - resolved

Postby Clever1 » Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:52 pm

I'm pretty new at this but could you have also used the {{current_activeroom}} variable? Or is it's not getting set well in index.html you can create an intermedary page between DVDLobbby and the moves that asks what room?

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