Recs on a new reciever

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Recs on a new reciever

Postby donburkard » Sun Dec 20, 2009 5:41 pm

Hi guys,

im curently using the Onkyo tx-sr604 and i love it but it does not upconvert, only has 2 hdmi imputs, and no serial control. not to mention the no sirius (only xm. booo). The items mentioned are pretty much the only conserns of mine so if you have any suggestions i would be gratefull. Oh and 7.1 or 2. I dont want to have to sell a kidney on the black market if i dont have to, to pay for it by the way. the stupid wii doesnt have an hdmi option ( what the hell was nintendo thinking?!?!) and im already using my 2 hdmi in ports. Or if you have a suggestion some sort of a switcher thingy id certainly take that as well.

Thank you
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