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foreign charactors

Postby seanworth » Sat Nov 15, 2008 3:37 am

A friend would like to purchase your system and asked me to install for him. Most of his questions I will try to find answers on this forum. He will have probably around 300 cds.

The one question I would like to seek advice on though is regarding foreign language cds. He has an additional 100 cds that are chinese language.

Will MlItunes recognize chinese charactors or will it crash the system?

when burning the cd and it goes on line to seek cd name and songs does this work for all languages. Does it offer both English and Chinese charactors?

He is asking me to set up for him but I do not have any of these cds at present to test. Any info would be appreciated as it will give me a headstart in knowing what I must prepare for.

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