iTunes "PlayTrack" syntax

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iTunes "PlayTrack" syntax

Postby ronsatter » Mon Oct 20, 2008 10:45 am

I'm having difficulty figuring out the proper syntax for the iTunes "PlayTrack" command.

From the iTunes Plugin wiki:

MLServeCmd.MLITunes|Id~PlayTrack~Track Index

Seems simple enough ... but resolving the "Track Index" variable is the part I can't get. Does that variable get resolved when the track is selected?

When I look at the macros which involve playing, I see no examples which actually use the "PlayTrack" command directly.

The macros in the ML itunes scenes all seem to use the "MLServeCmd.MLITunes|Id~AppendAlbumNowPlaying~Artist,Album" command. Sorting out the "Track Index" variable from this command is not straight forward to me.

What I would prefer in the iTunes "Play Track" commands is a more "direct play" action. I would rather bypass the "Append Play" or "Play 1st" option scene after the track has been selected (the way the ML iTunes scenes are currently constructed). I would rather just click on the track name in the list of tracks from the album, and have the track begin playing and display as the only track in the "Now Playing" list.

This is my family's prefered method of accessing iTunes through ML.

1. Select an Artist using the "Search" scene (we love the "Jump To" feature).

2. Select an Album from the "Artist/Albums" list which appears after selecting an Artist.

3. Select a track from the "Album Tracks" scene... and have it start playing immediately, or choose to play all the tracks from the Album.

4. Switch to the "Now Playing" scene to view the Artist/Album/Track playing info.

We don't find much use for the extra option to append our selected track to a "NowPlaying" list. It's pretty easy to get a new list playing, by choosing a customized playlist (our most popular family choice).

So can someone sort out a way to get a track to play directly from the Album Track list for me?


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Postby mcascio » Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:39 pm


This should be doable today.

We're modifying the track index in this next version due to some changes by itunes. SO that may be why it stopped working.

You should be able to accomplish your task though today by just clearing the now playing and then with the append command assigned to each track button.
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