A word to the wise when updating iTunes.........

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A word to the wise when updating iTunes.........

Postby DaveB » Sun Oct 19, 2008 9:30 am

I wanted to pass along some advice when updating your iTunes program. I learned the hard way how not to do it.

This is my setup;

iTunes is running on my MLS machine, and there is about 50% of my music on that machine.

I also have iTunes running on my Media Server, and that machine contains about 50% of my music. My Media Server is where the family synchronizes there iPod devices.

I have imported all music from my Media Server to my MLS machine so that all music is available for distribution throughout the house and control via Main Lobby. I DID NOT copy a duplicate set of music to the MLS machine, I am simply pointing at the file or track in my iTunes directory on my Media Machine.

OK - so, my daughter synchs her iPod the other day and a message came up to update iTunes on the Media machine. Thinking she is doing good, she says yes to the update. This is a major update that re-writes the itunes database on that machine.

Disaster struck.....

Remember that the MLS agent is still connected to iTunes on the MLS machine and that iTunes on the MLS machine is still connected to all the music and playlists on the Media machine, and now, the MLS machine has and old version of iTunes.

iTunes did not like that and promptly corrupted the entire library on the Media machine. I lost all playlists and tracks, and ended up corrupting the MLS iTunes database.

I had a backup of everything and I am getting close to it all being OK once more.

How to fix this in the future - make sure that everything is disconnected; all iTunes programs on the network are shut down; and the MLS agent is shut down. Update iTunes everyplace at the same time. Then start everything up sequentially, with the MLS agent being last. Rebuild the MLS database prior to connecting any clients.

Lesson learned!!

Dave Bruner

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