Six Camera Scene for 800x480 Available here

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Six Camera Scene for 800x480 Available here

Postby mcascio » Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:48 am

I thought others might benefit from this 6 camera scene.

It could easily be converted for cameras other than Geovision too.

It has the GeoVision activeX as the larger camera and then the six outer cameras are using the reloading jpg images.

It uses the latest version of GeoVision MultiView - 8.22.

You simply click any of the smaller cameras and it switches the live stream in the middle. Press the Full Screen button to see that camera enlarged.

You'll also need to install the latest Geovision UI. This adds some functionality to the Library Object MLGVWindow8220 to support leaving dynamic variables in the actual label field rather than replacing them. Useful to dynamically change the Large Camera window video.

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