Odd problem with MLPowerDVD comm with PowerDVD Agents

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Odd problem with MLPowerDVD comm with PowerDVD Agents

Postby Texsun » Fri May 08, 2009 9:43 am

I had an unexpected reboot of the PC that MLServer runs on. Since then, all works well except communication between the PowerDVD plugin and the agents on two HTPC's. I have tried deleting the entries in the plugin and replace them with setting that are known to work previously. However, after connection is established the agent on HTPC3 shows it is connected as HTPC1. I don't have HTPC1 registered with the PowerDVD plugin, it is listed in MLCycle States at ID 2, whereas HTPC3 is ID 3. I've tried reinstalling the MLPowerDVD plugin - but same results. Naturally, I'm unable to launch any movies from ML. What am I missing here? TIA

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