MainLobby inside SageTV UI...

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MainLobby inside SageTV UI...

Postby Fonceur » Thu Aug 14, 2008 6:11 pm

One possible way of controlling MainLobby through a SageTV client/extender, would be to convert a user supplied .mls file (or set of files) into SageTV's format (stv), and then have the user import it in his SageTV UI... Alternatively, I could probably convert the HTML files used to control MainLobby through iPhone/iTouch...

Instead of trying to come up with a converter that can take any possible .mls file and spit out the corresponding .STVi import file, I would like for MLSageTV beta testers to submit some simple .mls files (ideally with a screenshot of how it looks in operation). Don't include fancy things with MLMenu, sliders and all, just some simple self-contained .mls files.

If no one submit anything, I will simply consider that this is not an important feature and scrap the whole idea... ;)

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