MLCyclestates not updated with MLOutlook Calendar Install

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MLCyclestates not updated with MLOutlook Calendar Install

Postby ghadlock » Wed Apr 08, 2009 11:19 am

Tinkering some more with MLCalendar, I noticed that the "newevent" scene doesn't work, and looking at the code see that it requires some new MLCyclestates mapping.

I looked in the MLCyclestates tables and there are no mappings for the MLOutlook Plugins. I tried reinstalling all of the plugins (calendar, phonebook, and email) and selecting the "update MLcyclestates" and have had no luck after several attempts.

I also installed MLServer on a different machine, copied over the data folder from my production server, and tried the MLOutlook installs on the second machine, still no updates to MLCyclestates.

I tried importing the outlook states and outlook commands file into MLcyclestates using Access and that process was a train wreck :?

Anyhow, could someone please help me troubleshoot my automated install & MLCyclestates update, OR otherwise help me get the commands into MLCyclestates?

Much thanks!

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