All day events eliminate other events

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All day events eliminate other events

Postby rileydog » Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:13 am

Using current versions of plugin and update agent and am having a problem when I have an all day event.

The all day event populates the mlcalendar_date_display_XX just fine but no other events for the day show up.

I turned on verbose logging and see something very strange fly by on updates:

2/22/09 10:55:04 AM Processing (2) Server SetVariable|MLCalendar_Date_Display_23~BAILEY'S BIRTHDAY
2/22/09 10:55:04 AM Processing (2) Server

I believe the <BR> is sending the line to the next entry in the mlserver log but the result is that the variable mlcalendar_date_display_XX only contains the all day event "BAILEY'S BIRTHDAY" and the other event doesn't show up in any variables. So, my all day events are the only ones that show.


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