iport sync problem

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iport sync problem

Postby chrismd77 » Tue Sep 11, 2007 12:56 pm

Good afternoon,

I had my iport working on my pc and intergrated into Main Lobby. Now I have a problem when pushing the front logo button to sync the iPod to iTunes. Let me start by stating that the iport still connects and streams music to Main Lobby but when I push the white logo button on the iport it tunes red but hangs. It was lunching iTunes and syncing great. I have moved the USB plug to different USB slots but that did not help. I have also relocated the iport to a different computer and it functions correctly on that computer meaning when the logo button is pushed iTunes is launched and the iPod is synced.

Does anyone have any idea what be stoping the iport from launching itunes? Like I said before it was working and now it doesn't.

Thanks, Chris

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