Error message - Max Web Sessions reached.

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Error message - Max Web Sessions reached.

Postby albright_family » Mon Apr 16, 2007 1:21 pm

I am trying to build a series of control pages in HTML/ASP to augment my mainlobby scenes, for control of my devices outside of my network. Once I finish the big pages, I will develop pages designed for WAP internet. This will allow me total control over my home automation network. However I am consistently encounter an error while creating these pages of 'Max Web Sessions reached.' It is highly aggrivating as I have to shut down the page, and reopen it again. (This largely happens as I hit 'F5' to refresh the page after I have made some changes.) It also clears up when I hit 'enter' on the address bar, to manually reload the same page. Any thoughts/ideas, as to what exactly could be causing this error, It is not like I have a 5 browsers open pointing at the web server.

Thanks in advance, Russell

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