Incorrect control range for Bass and Treble EQ commands

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Incorrect control range for Bass and Treble EQ commands

Postby dyenamic » Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:44 pm

I am using the Grand Concerto Plugin.
The treble and Bass control range (when issuing Zone_treble and Zone_bass commands) is only +- 12dB when it should be +- 18dB. If the grand concerto keypads are used to set the EQ, the variables mlnuvograndconverto_zone_n_treble and mlnuvograndconverto_zone_n_bass correctly show up to +- 18.

FYI, I have toggle style controls. The increment and Decrement buttons are programmed as follows (example for zone 1 treble, similar for bass).

Increment Button:

Decrement Button:

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