Problems with USBIR6 and IR Receiver

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Re: Problems with USBIR6 and IR Receiver

Postby bigDvette » Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:05 pm

Ok, I got the receiver working this weekend: I'll doc my setup here. take note of the arrows as I inject new IR along the way

START --> Remote Controls --> AVATrix Wallplates --> AVAtrix --> Avatrix common output --> 3 way stereo splitter SPLITER 1 (1xmale 3xfemale) --> (SPLITTER 1 way path below)

path 1 from SPLITTER 1 --> another 2 way stereo splitersplitter SPLITTER 2 (1x male 2x female)

path 2 from SPLITTER 1 <-- USBIR6 zone 6 output (mono cable)

path 3 from SPLITTER 1 <-- USBIR6 learn input (second from bottom port) (stereo cable)

path 1 from SPLITTER 2 --> GC-CGX (the end that says to GC100 {bigger end} plugged in on splitter side ) --> Xantech 79144 IR Receiver Input --> individual source components --> END

path 2 from SPLITTER 2 <-- slingbox IR out (mono cable)

You must have the internal IR receiver that came with the USBIR6 plugged in.

Make note of the stereo / mono description as it is important.

If I didn't have the slingbox I wouldn't have needed the 2nd (2 way) splitter. The USBIR sees IR it generates and IR generated by remotes. It has been really reliable for the last 4 days.

The Avatrix could be a Nevo RF module or a harmony RF module, just however you get the IR signals to your source components.

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