Can't learn codes of LG Art Cool MiniSplit AC

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Can't learn codes of LG Art Cool MiniSplit AC

Postby freddysampayo » Mon Dec 10, 2007 9:34 am

I have some problems learning the codes of this Air Conditioner, it's the only appliance in my system I can't control and I have 5 of them. The problem is that one button of the remote sends different commands.
For example:
Power sends: Power ON / Power OFF
Other button changes between: Low, Medium, High speed or something.

You know that for the ubsir6 to learn, you have to press the button several times, if the command is different it starts again.

Another problem is that the remote is very slow to send the commands, it's like if it pauses for 1 second after your press one button.

Any has the codes for this appliance? or has any idea of how to learn the codes?


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