Errors from MLGenericDevice v3.99.6.0

A plugin that allows for end user development of multiple RS232 device control systems.
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Errors from MLGenericDevice v3.99.6.0

Postby jwr » Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:20 pm

Upgraded to the 3.99.xx series plugin and I get errors on startup. The driver is listening to a DSC1832 alarm. The startup of MLGenericDevice issues the "status" command and gets repeated errors processing the status response. The plugin used to process the response just fine on the older version. Also, if I unload the plugin and reload it via the checkbox MLServer crashes.

Here is a summary of the errors:

Error -2147417848(Automation error
The object invoked has disconnected from its clients. ) @ Line 640 in procedure ProcessCommands of modSharedCode

Event Information - 5
Error -2147467259(Cannot open any more tables.) @ Line 60 in procedure RS232_OnComm of frmMain

Closing Commport #13
Closing Comm Port 13
Failed to Close Commport #13

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