IR From Pronto to MLGD

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IR From Pronto to MLGD

Postby tmax » Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:55 am

I currently have a Xantech IR distribution setup connected with IR commands feeding into my GC100 rs232port. Now I want to be able to start a MLcommand from a Pronto ir code through the GC100 (rs232) to my existing MLGD.

Pronto sends IR code to Xantech reciever,
Xantech reciever sends IR Code to GCiRreciever plugged into the rs232 on the GC100,
MLGD recieves the code and converts it into a MLcommand

Do I need an extra device licence in MLGD?

Has anybode done this succesfully before?, any help would be great.

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