Keeping Hard Drives in Sleep Mode??

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Keeping Hard Drives in Sleep Mode??

Postby jerry s » Mon Jan 28, 2008 10:52 am

Is it possible to keep hard drives in the sleep mode, while running the MLWMI client on the same computer?

I have 8 USB drives attached to this computer, which among other things, is a DVD/Video server for the rest of the house. There is usually only one drive at a time being accessed by someone watching a Movie on one of the networked computers/TVs. I have WinXP set to turn off the hard drives after 3 minutes of no activity (which works fine). However, if the MLWMI client is running, the hard drives spool up every 5 minutes (I'm assuming to poll the drive for changes?).

I have tried unchecking "Drive Information" under the "WMI Messages" tab, as well as unchecking all other selections under the "WMI Messages" tab, but the polling continues. I've also unchecked these external drives under the "Watch Drives" section of the "Warning Messages" tab. The computer continues to spool up the drives every 5 minutes, unless I shut down the MLWMI Client.

With 8 large external drives running most of the time, there is a lot of excess energy being wasted and heat being generated, as well as additional wear and tear on the drives.

Changing the WMI and Warning Intervals helps with this, but doesn't allow me to monitor other computer parameters in a more timely manner.


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