Unit values and variable bouncing

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Is there life beyond Cinemar?
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Unit values and variable bouncing

Postby ricks » Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:41 am


It would appear that work on the MLHAI Serial version has been dropped. But, can you make a few fixes before shelving it?

Unit values for lighting: As you know, the Light Level variable and the Light Status variable do not sync in MLHAI. Light level can be reported as 75% while the light status says OFF and the light is OFF. Not sure if this same quirk exists on the IP version.

According to Aaron at HAI:
Some of it gets a little hairy when dealing with Dim/ Bright, Scenes, etc depending on the lighting control. Sometimes the controller determines the dim/ brightness level, and set the level itself, sometimes it tells the switch to dim/brighten, and waits for a response. While it's waiting for a response, it sets the status to Dim/Brighten X.

0= OFF
1= ON
2-100 = different states / scenes, these all depend on the type of unit
101 - 200 = 1%-100%

Can this be fixed?

Also, the variable bounce issue. This is when an HAI variable in MLHAI bounces between 0 and 1. It almost looks like the value is reset to 0 just prior to polling and then updated to 1.

Can this also be fixed?


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