MLCallerID Feature Request

MLNetCallerID supports the NetCallerID hardware and sends CallerID data to MLCallerID plugin. MLCallerID3 uses a database to store your call data. MLPhoneBook is a MainLobby view to your Outlook contacts list. MLPhoneDialer allows for dialing of a phone number for you.
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MLCallerID Feature Request

Postby jjjukebox » Thu Oct 18, 2007 1:33 pm

I have finally upgraded from the original MLCallerID to MLCallerID3 3.0.218 and I have noticed one bug and have one change request.

When I do a NextPage Or PreviousPage, the mlcallerid_page_day_xxx variabes do not get cleared. It these variables are supposed to be blank they are left with the previous values.

Change Request:
I would like see the mlcallerid_page_id_xxx variables masked to 3 digits. Example "1" masked to "001". I could then be able to reference lastcaller variables with this value in a nested variable. For example:


This resulting variable would be {{mlcallerid_lastcall_name_001}} instead of {{mlcallerid_lastcall_name_1}} which does not exist.

I really like this updated version of the plugin as I was previously doing everything available in the new plugin via HomeSeer scripts and this new version allows me to expand the calls that I save to be vitually dynamic and break down my call log scene to easily be broken down into pages.

Many thanx and I really hope these 2 issues are achievable.
J.J. Jukebox

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