how do you set up NetcallerID?

MLNetCallerID supports the NetCallerID hardware and sends CallerID data to MLCallerID plugin. MLCallerID3 uses a database to store your call data. MLPhoneBook is a MainLobby view to your Outlook contacts list. MLPhoneDialer allows for dialing of a phone number for you.
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how do you set up NetcallerID?

Postby iceman0304 » Tue Jul 31, 2007 8:18 pm

running ML3, MLS3, MLcal3 & NetCal3
using the NetCallerID Hardware on COM1
Using only 1 line, I have calID service but no Cal waiting(If this is Important)

1)Do I need to connect the phone line out of the Netcal Hardware to the modem on the computer? so that I can remove the modem and free up a PCI slot..

2)MLcal3 settings? MLcal Conf. " Comm Settings " page, should the port be set to "NetcalID" or "COM1"

port currently set to: NetcalID

do I set anything else on the Config? Currently nothin else done.

3)MLNetcal plug-in
Events shows: Initializing NetcalID hardware for line 1 (Comport=1)
Error 8005 while operating Comport 1

Com Port Line 1 = 1
all the rest set to OFF

NetcalID unit shows the incoming calls but nothin to ML

Is there something I'm missing

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Postby DavidL » Tue Jul 31, 2007 8:35 pm

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