Incoming call crashes MLServer

MLNetCallerID supports the NetCallerID hardware and sends CallerID data to MLCallerID plugin. MLCallerID3 uses a database to store your call data. MLPhoneBook is a MainLobby view to your Outlook contacts list. MLPhoneDialer allows for dialing of a phone number for you.
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Postby ebr » Sat Apr 07, 2007 9:50 am

As an update to this issue - I can consistently bring the machine down by sending anything from MLServer (using the send command and MLRS232 plugin) out the serial port that is the USB add-on so it is definitely related to that. I'm getting a new real serial port card for the machine and may try again but, at this point, I've pretty much abandoned the CallerID functionality because it is too slow in my setup. It is after the third ring before anything appears at the ML client.

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