FYI for those Upgrading to PowerDVD 12

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FYI for those Upgrading to PowerDVD 12

Postby Mike » Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:19 am

Wanted to let folks know that with Dave's wizardry, have found out that PowerDVD 12 takes some steps backward from previous versions in terms of handling Blu-Ray and DVD folders.

While the built-in function for opening folders (clicking the icon in the lower-left, choosing "open disc from folder", and selecting the folder) works just fine, it does not appear to accept passed instructions from external programs or even the command line. It results in an error.

A work-around is to set the movie file to the corresponding .M2TS in Content Manager. That will then cause the movie to launch correctly in DVDLobby - but it comes with some side effects. No chapter functionality, no auto-resume functionality, and bookmarks don't work either.

From the Cyblerlink forums it looks like quite a few folks are complaining about this so hopefully it will get fixed in a patch. In the meantime, wanted to warn others - and if you plan to use it, it wouldn't help to have as many of us as possible submitting support requests to Cyberlink :D


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